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Material and Technology

At MOAI, we are committed to innovation and sustainability in every SUP board we create. Our boards are designed in the Netherlands and inspired by the Polynesian pioneers.

Embracing Sustainability with Cutting-Edge Technology

At MOAI, we are committed to staying at the forefront of technological advancements while prioritizing sustainability and eco-friendliness. As we move into the future, our focus remains on integrating eco-conscious design principles, energy-efficient components, and recyclable materials. By doing so, we contribute to building a more sustainable technology landscape for 2024 and beyond.


Our dropstitch technology is the cornerstone of modern inflatable stand-up paddleboards (SUPs), providing unparalleled rigidity and performance. This advanced technique involves interweaving thousands of fine threads between two layers of material, allowing the SUP to maintain its shape and withstand high pressures when inflated.

Woven Dropstitch

Our unique Woven Dropstitch construction allows for higher air pressure, resulting in a rigid yet lightweight board. This technique involves interweaving thousands of fine threads between two layers of material, allowing the SUP to maintain its shape and withstand high pressures when inflated.

Double Layer PVC

Our SUPs are engineered with a revolutionary double-layer that offers enhanced durability and stability. Our design incorporates two layers of high-grade PVC for an extra rigid and robust structure, ensuring a superior paddling experience.

Anti-Slip EVA Pad

Designed for maximum grip and comfort, these pads reduce the risk of slipping, allowing you to focus on the waves and your paddling technique.

Fusion Technology

Durable and leak-proof. Whether you want to inflate or deflate our products, this valve will do the job quickly and efficiently.

3-Year Warranty

We believe in each of our products. So you can enjoy 3 years of warranty.

Technology Frontrunner

We're always innovating our products with the newest technologies and materials.

Designed in Holland

Crafted with love and care in the Netherlands, a testament to Dutch design expertise.

For a Better World

With every purchase you help us with our goal Stand Up for a Better World

What kind of technologies do we at MOAI use?

While it’s true that SUPs often start as basic inflatable boards, our commitment to innovation transforms them into something extraordinary. Our cutting-edge technologies not only enhance their strength but also prioritize sustainability.

These innovative methods not only strengthens the structural integrity of SUPs but also reduces their ecological footprint. By focusing on sustainable design and materials, SUP manufacturers are contributing to a cleaner planet and setting a new standard for environmental responsibility in the industry.

Our SUPs combine strength, sustainability, and advanced techniques to provide an exceptional paddling experience while treading lightly on our planet. Here are some of the techniques we use:

Dropstitch Technology

Contrary to common belief, the interior of an inflatable SUP isn’t merely filled with air. At MOAI, we employ cutting-edge dropstitch technology. What exactly is this technology? Well, imagine thousands of fine strands (or stitches) per square inch, intentionally placed to hold the top and bottom surfaces equidistant from each other.

Fusion Technology

Unlike many of our competitors, we weld the PVC layers together in our products. This results in increased strength and durability, ensuring a longer lifespan and better overall performance. Additionally, this method eliminates the need for glue, which not only benefits the environment by reducing harmful emissions but also enhances the structural integrity of the board.

Double Layer PVC

Our double layer PVC construction offer enhanced durability and performance. The double layer of PVC adds stiffness and strength, allowing for a firmer board that retains its shape and provides better balance and speed on the water. Making them a suitable choice for both beginners and experienced paddlers looking for a reliable and sturdy SUP.

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