Together we

Stand up for a better world

As an organization we want to give back. We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to enjoy nature and play on the water. Your MOAI purchase will help to make donations happen and make the world a better place for everyone.

What we stand for

We are happy to contribute to make a different together and invest to this beautiful world and its future.We support several charities with the same thoughts. With donating or volunteering to nature- and humanity organizations (from clean-ups to surf therapies) we believe we do something meaningful as a brand.

What we want?

In addition to supporting charities, we also do our very best to contribute to the environment. We always make conscious, considered decisions throughout the process to prioritize sustainability. How to minimize the impact on the environment and ecosystem. From there we think further and take the initiative to realize sustainable and innovative solutions.

Our guiding principles

We are driven by the same desire to do the right thing at every step of the way, by designing products that are more environmentally friendly, by working with partners who share our human and social values, and by communicating with you in a transparent way about what we are doing and what we have left to do.


It’s in our DNA. We want to help our fellow brothers and sisters on this planet. So we invest in causes like Surf Therapy to increase understanding for mental health.


We believe that when you think globally, you can act locally. You can do a lot with small steps, for example by planting trees or starting an eco lifestyle. It's time to give back.


Nature is something we could not exist without, nature is us. We love water, nature and everything that surrounds us.