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MOAI SUP Deckpad Sale price€29,95
MOAI Beach TrolleyMOAI Beach Trolley
MOAI Beach Trolley Sale price€79,95
MOAI Paddle FloaterMOAI Paddle Floater
MOAI Paddle Floater Sale price€14,95
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MOAI SUP/Kayak SeatMOAI SUP/Kayak Seat
MOAI SUP/Kayak Seat Sale price€44,95
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MOAI Large Wheely Bag PetrolMOAI Large Wheely Bag Petrol
MOAI Large Wheely Bag Petrol Sale price€69,95
MOAI Large Wheely Bag GreyMOAI Large Wheely Bag Grey
MOAI Large Wheely Bag Grey Sale price€69,95
MOAI Kids BackpackMOAI Kids Backpack
MOAI Kids Backpack Sale price€39,95
MOAI Paddle Bag BlackMOAI Paddle Bag Black
MOAI Paddle Bag Black Sale price€19,95
MOAI Electric Pump
MOAI Electric Pump Sale priceFrom €69,95
MOAI Double Action PumpMOAI Double Action Pump
MOAI Double Action Pump Sale price€39,95
MOAI US Center FinMOAI US Center Fin
MOAI US Center Fin Sale price€23,95
MOAI Touring Honeycomb Fiberglass Fin 9'2
MOAI Compact Fin
MOAI Compact Fin Sale price€14,95
MOAI All-Round Honeycomb Fiberglass Fin 9″
MOAI Slide-In Fin
MOAI Slide-In Fin Sale price€19,95
Save €55,95
MOAI Cooler BagMOAI Cooler Bag
MOAI Cooler Bag Sale price€69,00 Regular price€124,95
Save €40,95
MOAI Dry Backpack TravellerMOAI Dry Backpack Traveller
MOAI Dry Backpack Traveller Sale price€34,00 Regular price€74,95
Save €40,95
MOAI Dry Backpack ClassicMOAI Dry Backpack Classic
MOAI Dry Backpack Classic Sale price€34,00 Regular price€74,95
MOAI Dry Bag 10L - PinkMOAI Dry Bag 10L - Pink
MOAI Dry Bag 10L - Pink Sale price€14,95
MOAI Dry Bag 20L - PetrolMOAI Dry Bag 20L - Petrol
MOAI Dry Bag 20L - Petrol Sale price€19,95
Sold out
MOAI Dry Bag 20L - OrangeMOAI Dry Bag 20L - Orange
MOAI Dry Bag 20L - Orange Sale price€19,95
MOAI Dry Bag 20L - BlackMOAI Dry Bag 20L - Black
MOAI Dry Bag 20L - Black Sale price€19,95
MOAI Dry Bag 20L - PinkMOAI Dry Bag 20L - Pink
MOAI Dry Bag 20L - Pink Sale price€19,95
MOAI Dry Bag 10L - BlackMOAI Dry Bag 10L - Black
MOAI Dry Bag 10L - Black Sale price€14,95
MOAI Dry Bag 10L - OrangeMOAI Dry Bag 10L - Orange
MOAI Dry Bag 10L - Orange Sale price€14,95
MOAI Dry Bag 10L - PetrolMOAI Dry Bag 10L - Petrol
MOAI Dry Bag 10L - Petrol Sale price€14,95
MOAI Water BottleMOAI Water Bottle
MOAI Water Bottle Sale price€14,95
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MOAI Waterproof Phone CaseMOAI Waterproof Phone Case
MOAI Waterproof Phone Case Sale price€14,95
MOAI Safety Leash
MOAI Safety Leash Sale price€34,95


Elevate your paddleboarding experience with MOAI's premium accessories, designed in the heart of the Netherlands and inspired by the adventurous spirit of Polynesia. From the sleek and durable paddles to the versatile dry bags and stylish sunglasses, each product is crafted to enhance your time on the water. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, MOAI's accessories category offers everything you need to embark on your next aquatic adventure with confidence and style. Discover the perfect blend of functionality and fashion, and stand up for a better world with MOAI.