MOAI WS SUP 10'6 Complete Package

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Three-Year Warrenty

Sustainable and sturdy and with a 3-year warranty

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MOAI WS SUP 10'6 Complete Package

MOAI WS SUP 10'6 Complete Package

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MOAI Seconds

Still new, functional & high quality but with some minor cosmetic imperfections.
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About the MOAI WS SUP 10'6 Complete Package

MOAI Seconds

Discover our line up of MOAI Seconds, products where exceptional quality meets unique design. Each board maintains our high standards of functionality and quality you expect from MOAI, with only minor aesthetic errors that make your SUP truly one-of-a-kind. Ideal for the eco-conscious adventurer.

MOAI Seconds have the same 3 years of warranty.


MOAI WS SUP 10'6 Complete Package

Board Dimensions

81 cm x 320 cm x 15 cm

Board Weight

9,5 KG

Board Volume

260 L

Board Max Pressure

18 PSI

A sustainable choice for SUP lovers

Discover MOAI Seconds

At MOAI, we believe in sustainability and reducing waste, which is why we offer MOAI Seconds. These stand-up paddleboards may have minor imperfections due to factory errors, but they still promise the same great performance and durability. By choosing MOAI Seconds, you're not only getting a quality SUP at a reduced price, but you're also helping us move towards a more sustainable and waste-conscious future. Embrace the spirit of Polynesian explorers and set sail on a MOAI Second, where every paddle stroke is a step towards a better world.

Designed to last

At MOAI, we are committed to staying at the forefront of technological advancements while prioritizing sustainability and eco-friendliness. As we move forward, our focus remains on integrating innovative technologies with a unique design.

All products have 3 years of warranty.

SUP Technology

Our inflatable boards are made of high quality and innovative materials as single layer, double layer, fusion technology or woven-dropstitch technology.

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